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K oei Tecmo's Nioh 2 is here and, to the surprise of no one, it has some pretty tough bosses. Most bosses appear in the main missions and resurface later in side missions. Others serve as the. In unserem Boss-Guide zu Nioh 2 erfahrt ihr:. Welche Bosse euch im Spiel erwarten; Wie das Move-Set und die Attacken der Bosse aussehen; Worauf ihr in den Kämpfen achten müsst; Welche Strategie zum Sieg führt; Schon im ersten Teil des blutigen Samurai-Spiels gab es unzählige Bosse, die bei vielen Spielern für Frustration gesorgt haben #Nioh2 #NiohHello everyone, it's Thales Moustache here and today I'll show you all of my Nioh 2 1st Playthrough Boss Fights in the Soaring Map (2nd Region)!N.. Nioh 2 - Switchglaive & Ninjutsu All Main Mission Bosses Solo #7! (1st Playthrough: Afterglow) Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try. Nioh 2 has 20 Main Missions, 53 Side Missions (Sub Missions), 8 Twilight Missions excluding DLC. This Walkthrough also points out the locations of important collectibles such as Kodamas and Hot Springs, and other relevant key items. It's worth noting that the item pickups mentioned in these Walkthroughs are based on the first playthrough of the mission. When you replay a mission it will give.

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Missions in Nioh may be undertaken by the player from the overview screen. The following is a list of missions in Nioh along with their rewards. There is a main campaign which you can choose to follow but there are also around 100 side missions where you can take on waves of enemies and get more loot. As for the length of the game, it really depends on how often you die. During your first playthrough of the main campaign, on average you can expect around 40 hours Corpses and Ice is a Main Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 44, has a difficulty level of 5, and features both human and yokai enemies. Corpses and Ice tasks players with finding a way through the battlefield at Anegawa and putting an end to the chaos Magara Naotaka has caused Sub Mission: Zen and the Sword Are One: Ashikaga Yoshiteru: Sub Mission: The Grimmest Blades: Hozoin Inei: Sub Mission: Steel Across Steel: Sakata Kintoki: Sub Mission: The Invincible: Shisenin Kose Ranch. In a very special type of super-hard Japanese action game, The boss of Nioh 2 Is the king. At the end of each mission, sometimes sometimes twice in one level, waiting for a big cheese, a top tough guy, ready to squeeze your Shiftling Samurai into an Amrita paste

The Golden Castle is a Main Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 105, has a difficulty level of 3, and features both human and yokai enemies. The Golden Castle tasks players with stealing the Spirit Stones at Jurakudai that can be used to help restore Sohayamaru. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions Onryoki Boss Fight in main mission Isle of Demons Mission Level: 5. Onryoki is the second boss in Nioh. He is powerful but slow. Use low stance of whatever weapon you prefer and dash behind him when he attacks. Get a few hits in, then block. He will whirl around with his chain when you attack from behind. Blocking does void the damage (stay close to his back). Don't dodge away when behind him. In low stance you are much more agile and the quick attacks give similar DPS as strong. 4:33 Boss fight begins. Just a little pre intro and skills before i jump down in the pit to fight her. Not a perfect first kill but only a few attempts. I..

Main Missions. Main missions consist of those you must complete in order to progress in the story of Nioh 2. They always have a level recommendation, and usually Sub Missions are a way to raise. NiOh2: Main missions list NiOh 2 guide, walkthrough. 0. Post Comment. 0. 0. Next Main missions The Village of Cursed Blossoms Prev Appendix Controls. During the adventure in NiOh 2, you will perform a series of tasks that push the plot forward, each ending with a boss fight. On this page of the guide, you will find a list of all the main missions. The game has a total of 20 main missions. To. Below is our ongoing list of Nioh 2 boss guides, collecting advice and strategies on how to beat most of the toughest bosses throughout the game. We've stuck mostly to the bosses you'll find in Nioh 2's main missions, but there was one side mission fight I felt needed a page since it threw two tough enemies your way at once In total, there are 2 main missions and 8 side missions in The Tengu's Disciple, you can complete these on any difficulty you have unlocked for the DLC, complete these missions in the order they appear, visiting The Interim as required to unlock the latter missions For the side mission, An Encounter Among the Blossoms, you will need to collect all 3 of Saigyo's Poems, see Poetry In Motion. 7. Ryomen Sukuna. Hardest Nioh 2 Bosses. Ryomen Sukuna is a devious and demonically infused statue that is essentially like fighting two separate bosses at once; capable of switching from flaming.

Consult the list below to find out how best to take on the toughest bosses in Nioh 2, learn their movesets, and where they are found. Bosses are in this case considered enemies found at the end of Main Mission areas, that once defeated, force an end to the mission. They appear below in order of appearance and do not appear anywhere else other than as the end of mission enemy. Note: For Sub. Main Mission, level 138 Head through the area and up to the right into the building, defeat the yokai and collect the Village Gate Key, from here, go through and reduce Otakemaru's health down to 20% then carry on through the area up to the right then across the water where you will come to the Tate Eboshi boss fight.Defeat her to complete the mission More information about the game: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nioh_2Played with the ps4 pro and recorded with elgato.Not intended as a guide or a demonstrat.. Gasha-Dokuro is found in The Source of Evil Main Mission within the Sekigahara Region. To access the boss, the player must progress around a huge crater through a gauntlet of yokai. Along the way, there with be red crystals that create red circles on the ground that automatically summon revenants from any bloody graves within them. The crystals themselves can be converted using the item that. The Main Missions focus on the primary events of the game as William traverses the various regions of Sengoku Japan to vanquish the Yokai.. Missions Walkthrough Summary. Below is a summary of Mission walkthroughs for Nioh, including recommended levels, bosses, rewards and more

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  1. London • Kyushu • Chugoku • Kinki • Tokai • Sekigahara • Omi • Tohoku • Osaka (W) • Osaka (S) Main Missions • Sub Missions • Dojo Missions • Twilight Missions. Main Missions move the story of the game forward and present one or multiple unique boss fights. These missions are mandatory in order to complete the game
  2. g wheels might deter some players from going in for a head-on attack, but you'll have to ignore every instinct and attack her wheels. Her wheels are a weak point, so summon the courage necessary. This boss has a difficulty rating of 5/10
  3. Nioh 2 Boss Guide (so you know in which mission what bosses are which have their own soul cores) List of All Soul Cores (ordered by Type in-game menu): Gaki; Enki; Yoki; Gozuki; Mezuki; Ippon-Datara; Infernal Oni-bi; Kappa; Nurikabe (*kill it instead of using gestures to get rid of it
  4. Weapon Proficiency. Combat. Titles. Shrine. Blacksmith. There are a variety of bosses in Nioh and can be divided into two categories: human and Yokai, who are from another realm. Certain weapons provide attack bonuses against a specific enemy type, while certain armour provide passives that improve item drop rate from an enemy type
  5. Every main mission and many side missions give you clips. And there's the actual history in the in-game dictionary as well. But they are literally the same story. Saika magoichi, yukki-onna, oda, kelley, li, tenkai, and a good 70% of non-boss enemies in nioh are all from oni
  6. Kill it to end the Viper's Sanctum mission. Yatsu-no-Kami The boss of this mission is Yatsu-no-Kami, for more details regarding the moveset of the boss, make sure to check out our detailed guide.

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Sekigahara | Main missions | NiOh NiOh Guide. 0. Post Comment. 0. 5. Next Main missions Source of evil Prev Main missions Immortal Flame. This section of NiOh game guide includes the thorough walkthrough description of the Sekigahara main quest, which involves fighting Otani and occasions of interacting with Kodama. This mission ends with a boss fight with Shima Sakon. In order to get further. Main missions The Man with the Guardian Spirit Isle of Demons part 1 Isle of Demons part 2 Deep in the Shadows The Spirit Stone Slumbers The Silver Mine Writhes The Ocean Roars Again Spider Nest Castle Falling Snow The Demon of Mount Hiei The Iga Escape Memories of Death Lilies The Defiled Castle Immortal Flame Sekigahara Source of evil A Defiled Holy mountain Samurai from Sawayama The Demon King Reveale The sub-mission in question is The Refined Man of the Underworld, and you can access it in Nioh 2's fourth region, Dawn. It's available on your first playthrough, but for farming, it's much more. You have to complete different missions in order to progress through NG+ cycles. If you want a different experience from NG, how about a Boss Rush playthrough? Do short, gauntlet-style missions and duels, like A Voice in the Twilight, The Point of No Return, The Demon King's Blade, The Third Word, Restoring Harmony, Yaksha Returns etc. This is also a good way to speed through the cycles. It doesn't net you much loot, but for NG+ in particular, HP and damage numbers are not terribly different.

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  1. Beast born of Smoke and Flame, which is a main mission... Okuni's search, side mission... and Golden Palace which is another main mission. that's 3 missions with the same boss reused and 2 of those..
  2. Proceed straight ahead then take the staircase up. Defeat the enemies that will spawn in the area then go through the room at the end of the path. Take the next staircase up then open the double doors. A boss fight will commence. Boss Battle - Joro-Gumo. Related Article: Joro-Gumo Boss Guide. After the cutscene, Joro-Gumo will lunge out to attack you. She also has a pair of fangs that can rip out a chunk of your life force if you're not careful
  3. ent destruction The Two Faces of Hospitality The High Spirited Demon The Mausoleum of Evil The Golden Castle Cherry Blossom Viewing in Daigo In the Eye of the Beholde
  4. This mission is very easy and straightforward as you will not be expecting to fight any Yokai on the way. The only creatures you will have to fight against are small Cyclops, an umbrella, two.
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Unlock after clearing the main mission of Afterglow Hen: Wave of demons: Afterimage: Unlock after clearing the main mission of Afterglow Hen: Pulsation of disaster: Afterimage: Unlock after clearing the main mission of Afterglow Hen: Mt. Haio (Aima ga Ho Mission) - Opened after clearing the main mission of Asahi Hikar Nioh 2 Ryomen Sukuna Boss. You will face this boss during the main mission The Sun Sets on Mount Tenno, which is mission level 66. Ryomen Sukana is a big Yokai boss made up of half fire and.

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  1. Main Mission: The Village of Cursed Blossoms (7) Side Mission: The Forest Veiled in Darkness (2) Main Mission: The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames (7) Side Mission: Dark Omens (3) Main Mission: The Viper's Santcum (6
  2. And mission achievement requirements for every difficulty, including dream of the Nioh, is now only 20ish missions - so you could theoretically speedrun them if you only cared about the underworld. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again, while expecting different results
  3. I already finished all of the missions so it unlocked when the dlc came out. Because of that, I cannot be 100% sure. That is correct. Beating Otakemaru unlocks the next difficulty and the level cap that is tied to it. For unlocking regions, I find it easier just to do all side missions then whatever main missions you want to unlock the last.

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On the orders of Oda Nobunaga, you assault an imposing fortress occupied by the forces of the mysterious Lord Yoshitatsu. Learn about the unfolding of this mission in this part of our Nioh 2 Walkthrough. Kodama in this Mission: 6. At the beginning of the mission, talk to Tokichiro so that he can give you a Small Spirit Stone (picture1) In Nioh 2, you will first encounter a poisonous river blocking the path in Main Mission The Viper's Sanctum. Poison damage is over time which can be healed by using Antidote but the amount of damage taken in the pool of poison is considerably high. To unlock the path ahead, you will need to destroy these Snake statues. In this guide, we have mentioned where you can find all the three. Unlocked after clearing the main mission of twilight version: Cut off the day: Bo Ming: Unlocked after clearing the main mission of twilight version: Wind of humanity: Afterimag The Okehazama Incident Sub Mission Walkthrough (2/28) The Malefactors Sub Mission Walkthrough (2/27) Twilight Mission - Foreboding Seas Walkthrough [Nioh] (2/27) Fallen Onmyou Mages Sub Mission Walkthrough (2/24

Mission 4: The Spirit Stone Slumbers; Chugoku Region; Chugoku Region; Mission 5: The Silver Mine Writhes; Mission 6: The Ocean Roars Again; Kinki Region; Kinki Region; Mission 7: Spider Nest. Welcome to IGN's Walkthrough for Nioh. This guide will seek to help you through the demon-filled lands of the East, and give you tips on surviving ever Nioh 2 - Main Missions. The Village of Cursed Blossom. The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames. The Viper's Sanctum . The Hidden Monsters of Okehazama. The Mysterious One Night Castle. The Hollow Fortress. A Way Out. Corpses and Ice. Bird in a Cage. Pervading Waters. The Frenzied Blaze. The Sun Sets on Mount Tenno. Ruin Draws Near. The Two Faces of Hospitality. The High-Spirited Demon. The.

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Players should double-check that their game is up to date before looking for this particular mission and skill. In order to get this skill, players will need to complete the Main Mission, Suzune in the Flames. This mission is one that will require players to have a good balance of speed and strength. It is recommended that players select armor that is on the lighter side, while not compromising too much on damage reduction. It is also recommended that players select powerful. The Sun Sets On Mount Tenno is the third main mission of the fourth region available in Nioh 2. During this mission you have to confront two bosses. This page of the guide contains a walkthrough for this mission. First Shrine; Second Shrine; Third Shrine; First Shrine. Go straight ahead and pray at the first shrine. Then you will see a large, open area in front of you. The path to the caves on. All 3 main missions can be completed back to back so you can skip sub missions if you so choose. The estimated time is for players who have already finished the first DLC on ''Dream of the Demon''. Your journey to 100% Nioh 2 continues. Looks like the enemies are more of a threat this time

Nioh and Nioh 2 (including all DLCs) are also bundled in the Nioh Collection on PS5. To unlock this Dojo Mission The Grimmest Blades, you need to have done the following: obtain around 500,000 proficiency with Dual Katanas, and complete the Main Mission Immortal Flame. He seems to be based on the Kengo Shogun, an adept wielder of the Katana, who bore the same name. Click here to go to the Boss. Find out how these events unfold in this part of our Nioh 2 Walkthrough. Kodama in this Mission: 7. At the beginning of the mission, walk along the path and then go and chat with the samurai, once you've done that, use Gestures to get him to let you pass and then continue on your way (pictures1-2)

Cherry Blossom Viewing in Daigo is the third main mission of the sixth region in Nioh 2. This page of the guide contains a walkthrough for this mission. First Shrine; Second Shrine; The Third Shrine; First Shrine. Go straight ahead from the first shrine, then turn left and take the stairs. There you will encounter two human opponents. Try to fight them one by one. After defeating them, enter. In this part of our Nioh 2 Guide, you will be able to discover the unfolding of the side mission entitled The Golden Nation.Here you can also find information about the enemies you will encounter and how to defeat them. Kodama in the Mission: 3. First, go up the stairs and go to the left, then open the door of the building a little further on (pictures1-2) Click here to go to the Boss Guide Summary Page. Umi-bozu Boss Guide. Umi-bozu is the eighth boss that William will encounter in Nioh. In Main Mission: The Ocean Roars Again, make sure that you light all 3 evil warding bonfires before fighting this boss.The boss's body is mostly made up of water, with glowing eyes, mouth, and heart

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Nioh Sub Missions Guide to walk you through every side-mission in the game to earn a ton of rewards and attain 100% game completion status The Heir to the Nioh Sub Mission is unlocked after you complete the Main Mission, The Ocean Roars Again. You need to run through to the end boss room and kill a wave of enemies before a mini-boss, it basically has the same moveset as the boss you fought in the cave. It's a tough fight, fire helps to deal with the ooze like creatures Nioh 2 Yatsu no Kami Boss. This boss looks like a snake and its looks are not the only thing that's snake-like, it also uses poison to cause damage. It is actually a serpent god and on its head. Below are all 27 Hot Spring Locations in chronological order. Useful Links: Nioh 2 Wiki & Strategy Guide; Nioh 2 All Kodama Locations; Nioh 2 Walkthrough - All Missions; Nioh 2 Boss Guide (All Bosses) Hot Spring Locations. Hot Spring #1 Main Mission 2: The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames . On the ground floor of the burning building at the end of the mission, where you must kick down barrels.

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Mezuki is Nioh 2's first main boss fight, so unless you've managed to fully master all of the game's mechanics and systems in the space of just a few hours, it's going to present you with a couple. Team Ninja has released Nioh 2 update 1.09 and it's live now. Aside from bug fixes and gameplay tweaks, there's new content included in this too. Clocking in at 760MB on PS4, you can check out the full Nioh 2 update 1.09 patch notes below The pre-order bonuses in Nioh feature two really cool-looking armor sets. If you've pre-ordered, you've got them, but some players have been having trouble finding February 7, 2017 2. How to Beat Onryoki. Onryoki is the second boss you'll fight in Nioh. This monster is strong and has a lot of health, but it's very slow. You need February 7, 2017 2. How to Beat Derrick The.

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Nioh 1 did a better job of giving the main missions a different gimmick, clear the poison, light bonfires, secret wall ninja castle, etc. Most of the missions in Nioh 2 are basically the same from a gameplay perspective. I prefer 2 since the areas look so much better that I just enjoy being in them but 1 has more variety in mechanics I'd say Completed 10 missions with NPCs or as Expeditions with other users. (Does not include Acolytes.) Help Wanted Summoned an Acolyted from the Benevolted Grave 10 times. Twilight Walker Completed your first Twilight mission. Spa Healer Bathed in first hot spring. Yokai Quelling Master Defeated all types of yokai. Kodama Leader Collected all Kodama

Nioh 2 Komplettlösung mit Tipps und Tricks - Erfahrt, wie ihr sicher durch die tödliche Spielwelt kommt, Bosse besiegt, Kodamas findet und mehr Hino-enma is found in the third chapter of Nioh's main story in a mission titled Deep in the Shadows and is the third boss you're likely to face. This boss is found inside a cave, and in a. All main mission boss fights and some extras at Level 1 - Full video playlist. Video. Close. 16. Posted by 3 years ago. Archived . All main mission boss fights and some extras at Level 1 - Full video playlist. Video. Huloo. Recently started a Level 1 run after I completed my first playtrough. Finished the run 20 minutes ago, clocking in 31 hours 46 minutes for the full run. Enjoyed it for the. In the ''Eternal Rivals'' main mission just before the last shrine and boss arena you will encounter a Mezuki which is guarding the card. Kill it and loot the corpse it was guarding. In the ''Shadows Creep in Kurama'' sub mission just before the last shrine and boss arena you will find a ladder. Climb it and follow the path to your left. You will need to kill a yokai in front of the hut. Head inside after and loot the third and final card to obtain the trophy

Kodama 1. You can't miss this one. After you get past the giant horse head demon, go up the slope and around the corner you will see the Kodama. Kodama 2. The second Kodama is found right after you learn about the Burst Counter. Follow the path past where you killed the demon and take the left path up Kasha in Order. So, did anyone else have this weird experience on their first playthrough where the first time they fought Kasha was in The Golden Nation (I think) Twilight mission? I remember tackling the sub-missions first and going wtf when this boss I've never seen before popped out and ran me over

Many of Nioh's missions are like massive labyrinths, so there are always secret areas, items, and enemies to discover during your journey. The main missions in Nioh are as follow: The Man and. London. At the end of the 16th century, England and Spain are locked in a struggle for control of the world. Eventually, they come to learn of the existence of special stones known as Amrita, which contain a unique spiritual power that can mean the difference between victory and defeat. List of London Missions. Kyushu

Nioh 2 - The Complete Edition. Content posted in this community. may not be appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work. Don't warn me again for Nioh 2 - The Complete Edition. View Page. Cancel. Your preferences are configured to warn you when images may be sensitive. Edit Preferences The three main missions and boss battles are top notch, despite my gripes about the difficulty, and the level and character design has really evolved and become super refined between the first title and this; the narrative that runs through all of these DLC packs sees your character journeying to different points in the past, which has the unfortunate effect of removing most of the characters you had come to know throughout the base game

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This mission will be unlocked when players clear the main mission of the Afterglow Hen. Wave of demons . This mission will be unlocked when players clear the main mission of the Afterglow Hen. Pulsation of disaster . This mission will be unlocked when players clear the main mission of the Afterglow Hen. Mt. Haio (Aima ga Ho Mission The Tengu's Disciple essentially fits into Nioh 2 as a side story that takes place after the events of the main game. Your character finds a dagger at a shrine that suddenly transports them back. Borrowing one of the best elements from Castlevania: Aria/Dawn of Sorrow, along with the more recent Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, enemies in Nioh 2 have a chance of dropping a Soul Core.

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Nioh 2 healing elixir | Nioh 2 Guardian Spirit guide | Nioh 2 best weapons | Nioh 2 Soul cores. 1. Kill Gaki quickl Nioh (Japanese: 仁王, Hepburn: Niō, Two Deva Kings) is an action role-playing video game developed by Team Ninja and Kou Shibusawa for the PlayStation 4 (PS4). It was first released worldwide in February 2017, and was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment internationally, and Koei Tecmo in Japan. An edition for both PS4 and Microsoft Windows, containing all the game's downloadable. Gameplay. Nioh ist ein Action-Rollenspiel, das im Japan des Jahres 1600 angesiedelt ist, wobei der Spieler die Rolle eines irischen Samurai namens William übernimmt. Der Spieler führt William auf Missionen durch geschlossene Umgebungen, in denen er sowohl gegen menschliche Feinde als auch gegen übernatürliche Wesen, die Yokai genannt werden, kämpft: Die Missionen sind in sich. It is possible to summon 2 visitors instead of 1. Yokai Realm with a Companion: A Cracked Ochoko Cup from each player is required. In both cases, the visitor, or companion, must have completed completed that particular floor in order to enter. Also, it is important to note that an extra boss will spawn in the Crucible, regardless of co-op types

Reaching the point where something you feared is now something you look forward to is immensely satisfying, especially when dealing with Nioh 2's many fantastic bosses. There are three different types of Burst Counters: Brute, Feral, and Phantom, and the one you're equipped with is dependent on what type of Guardian Spirit you equip Nioh 2 Review Getting Started How To Co Op with a Friend Build Guides Switchglaive: Golden Scythe Kusarigama: Poisonous Shinobi Dual Swords: Water Swordsman Odachi: Paralyzing Blade Katana/Bow: Agile Archer Spear: Thunderous Spear Axe: Raging Tiger Hatchets: Ice Shaman Tonfas: Heavenly Apocalypse Cannon: Explosive Cannoneer Visit Nioh 2 WIK Nioh (仁王) -stylized in Japanese as NIOH, originally titled Oni (鬼) and formerly spelled Ni-Oh- is an action game that was first announced in 2004 as a PlayStation 3 exclusive. It was stuck in development limbo for twelve years; its finalized form was first presented to the public at the SCEJA Press Conference 2015. The main goal of the project is to present an original difficult and. The Tengu's Disciple essentially fits into Nioh 2 as a side story that takes place after the events of the main game. Your character finds a dagger at a shrine that suddenly transports them back in time to the Heian period, where they join forces with real life Japanese historical figures Minamoto no Yoshitsune and the warrior monk, Benkei. There are some cool cutscenes that set up some of the boss battles, but like Nioh 2's main story, the plot in The Tengu's Disciple is an.

[Main mission 5] Brain Drain | Main missions - Prototype 2[Main mission 17] A Nest of Vipers | Main missionsMission of the Darians Episode Guide- Space: 1999 Catacombs

Main Missions Sub Missions Dojo Missions Twilight Missions she is an undercover spy whose mission was to create chaos in Japan in order to capture Amrita and use it for the glory of Spain. Since its naval defeat to England, the Spanish Empire was a shadow of its former self, and hoped to use Amrita to regain its status as a world power. However, thanks to William's efforts, Masamune's. Nioh 2 is barely ten months old and Team Ninja is already planning to release this masocore action RPG across brand new platforms, including the first release on PC as well as a remastering of. Nioh 2 introduces new mechanics, so even veterans of the first game will have to become more familiar with these in order to succeed in combat. Nioh 2: 10 Tips Every Player Should Know There are so many things that players need to know in Nioh 2 , and many mechanics are not easily understood, but probably the most important thing, and first on our list is Burst Counter The Nioh 2 1.09 update patch notes celebrate the game's success. Team Ninja has announced that the game has shipped over a million units and is giving players a new set of armor as a thank you. Nioh 2 - The Complete Edition. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews 11,320 In-Game | 387 in Group Chat | View Stats. Battle hordes of yokai in this masocore Action RPG. Create your protagonist and embark on an adventure through a myriad of locales across Japan during the Sengoku period. Utilize the new Yokai Shift ability to defeat even the most ferocious. On October 15th, Nioh 2 released a brand new story, Darkness in the Capital. This DLC takes place in Ancient Kyoto after the main character Hide is transported back in time. This DLC provides players with new weapons, armor, guardian spirits, and brand new yokai to slay.Alongside these additions are some new skills and items that will help in the battles against yokai plaguing the capital

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