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The most important weapon of the Dacian arsenal was the falx. This dreaded weapon, similar to a large sickle, came in two variants: a shorter, one-handed falx called a sica,3 and a longer two-handed version. The shorter falx was called sica (sickle) in the Dacian language. The two-handed falx was a polearm. It consisted of a three-feet long wooden shaft with a long curved iron blade of nearly-equal length attached to the end. The blade was sharpened only on the inside, and was reputed to be. Scythe thus becomes symbol of death, and thus also deadly event like plagues and more on topic war. From there, it becomes a deadly weapon in our mind. Of course, scythes were sometimes used by farmers after basic modifications, but as weapons, they were mediocre, and for example farming flail conversions were more sucessful However, there are weapons that are physically somewhat similar to a scythe, namely: the Sickle, a simple melee weapon with 1d4 damage, which is pretty much a scythe, except much smaller and the Glaive ( Wikipedia ), a two-handed martial melee weapon with 1d10 damage and the reach propert To contact Jeremy Letheule, the maker of the Reaper scythe I designed:https://www.deviantart.com/copperheartforgehttps://www.instagram.com/copperheartforge/?..

The death scythe you see in fantasy and fiction isn't really a practical weapon -at least as far as cutting goes. It was never used in combat. Normal harvesting scythes were used as improvised pole-arms by people who had nothing better At its default level, the scythe does about the same amount of damage to monsters as the rusty sword. With each increasing upgrade (copper, steel, gold, and finally iridium), the scythe becomes a more powerful weapon. I think a weaponized scythe would be very practical, especially if you chose the combat-oriented farm layout. Dwarfus, Dec 9, 201

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In many fantasy/action games/anime/etc. there are scythes that are used as weapons. I was just thinking about how absurd that is and how scythes are unwieldy and would make a horrible weapon. They are fucking agricultural tools used to cut grass and grains. I've held a scythe, I know how unwieldy they are Not to be a pedant, but a possible big deal is that technically a scythe is not a martial weapon. It's a repurposed agricultural tool, like the sickle, and therefore a simple weapon. So repurposing the glaive in a DDB character would pose proficiency challenges for those who'd most likely take a scythe to arms (i.e. someone with an agriculture background lacking martial training) The German Renaissance scythe sword, the Greek and Roman harpe and the Egyptian khopesh were scythes or sickles modified as weapons or symbols of authority. An improvised conversion of the agricultural scythe to a war scythe by re-attaching the blade parallel to the snaith, similar to a bill, has also been used throughout history as a weapon Scythes are primarily used by botanists as their secondary tool. Botanist scythes cannot be used as weapons. Edda Blackbosom wields a scythe when fought as a boss in the Palace of the Dead. Her scythe can be bought in multiple different forms on the Mog Station, appearing as a marauder's, dark knight's, lancer's, thaumaturge's, or conjurer's arm

It deals with agricultural scythes turned into simple but lethal weapons. Sedgemoor, fought in England in July 1685, was a battle between regular troops of the Crown and rebels. Impey goes into great historical detail and examines, very soundly, the development of the single-edged scythe on a makeshift staff. It was used in medieval warfare, in countless rebellions across Europe, and as late. Overall, the scythe is pretty ornate, with a long wooden handle and a curved long blade on the tip. It would be the longest weapon melee weapon in Free Fire, with even more reach than the Katana or the Bat. You can expect the scythe's swings to be slower to compensate for this Weapon set usage. Vampiric scythe as the main set. Zealous scythe for additional energy gain. Use the spear for ranged damage when you can't reach a target, are snared or your stance has been removed. Skill usage. Maintain Seven Weapons Stanc Mortifactors and Death Guard seem to swear by the Scythe. But as a combat weapon, how does it work? In agriculture, when you scythe grass, you're swinging it somewhat backwards, and inwards towards yourself, and not forward, and outwards, like one would expect of a conventional weapon, where the weapon is between you and the opponent I've always liked the scythe as a weapon in games. Personally I think it's a very cool and intimidating looking weapon. Frankly it surprised me ESO didn't put them in the game to start? However, with that in mind here are some pics and possible associated races to go with them - Breton-Barbaric-Khajiit-Daedric-Imperial-Orc-Nord- High Elf-Primal-Wood Elf-Redguard-Ancient Elf-Dark Elf-Animations.

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  1. This is a compilation video of a few scythe matches took place at a Sword Arts meeting in November 2016. There was many more matches (most were double matche... There was many more matches (most.
  2. To get your first audiobook free when you try Audible for 30 days visit https://www.audible.com/shadiversity or if you're within the U.S. text shadiversity..
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  4. Scythe Weapon Trials x 3 - YouTube. Scythe Weapon Trials x 3. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device
  5. War Scythe - Most Dreadful Weapon In The World A war scythe is a kind of improvised pole weapon, similar to a fauchard, usually created from standard scythes..
  6. Scythes are a rare type of slash weapon that can also be used as a crush weapon. They have the same attack speed as battleaxes

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© Valve Corporation. Με επιφύλαξη κάθε νόμιμου δικαιώματος. Όλα τα εμπορικά σήματα είναι. Check out our scythe weapon selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our costume weapons shops

© Valve Corporation. All rights reserved. 商標はすべて米国およびその他の国の各社が所有します。 #footer_privacy_policy | #footer_legal | #. It is very unlikely they will be re-adding an actual scythe weapon in game, given the amount of skins they'd have to fill in. More likely (as they have done before) is that they will just add skins for staff and, in my dreams, greatsword too. More like every melee weapon besides dagger took the spot. 0. Ardid.7203 Member February 28, 2018. I prefer chain weapons and boomerangs. I value. © Valve Corporation. Minden jog fenntartva. A védjegyek jogos tulajdonosaiké az Egyesült Államokban és más országokban. #footer_privacy_policy | #footer_legal. A scythe is an agricultural tool used for cutting crops, believed to date back thousands of years. Centuries later, scythes were used as weapons by peasants in the 18th and 19th centuries who did not have access to more traditional melee weapons. The Grim Reaper character has also been depicted wielding a scythe to harvest souls, as opposed to.

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The large hooked blade, very pointy tip, and offset handles make the scythe a very interesting weapon that functions quite differently from 'regular' weapons. The circular strikes, the hooking motions, and the distance the tip of the blade protrudes past the shaft would make this a very tricky weapon to use Jun 12, 2012. #9. A scythe in the hands of someone who knows the weapon can be incredibly dangerous, in part due to the very things that make it a substandard weapon; it doesn't work like most people expect a weapon of its general size and shape to work. It's still a terrible weapon for most people and the effort required to make such a weapon. The important thing is that the Reaper does not seem to carry the scythe as a weapon. You do not kill the crops that you reap, you merely seperate them from the earth by cutting their base, with no ability on their end to actively stop you. With this in mind, a modern Reaper would thus not be expected to carry a weapon, but rather something symbolic of transitioning someone else, such as a bus ticket, a train ticket, a passport, or other documentation that symbolizes transition rather than.

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So the weapon wielded by Argus the Unmaker, the Titan world soul of Argus, is a Scythe! Like Taeshalach from Aggramar, another weapon with a unique appearance that Blizzard is allowing us a chance to get in Legion's final tier, that drops from its raid boss wielder. Like the shoulderpads of Xavius and Garrosh. The item levels confirm that this will drop on all difficulties Peasant Improvised Weapons - Scythes, Pitchforks, Axes, etc. Thread starter Val the Moofia Boss; Start date Mar 17, 2021; Home. Forums. History Themes. Military History. 1; 2; 3; Next. 1 of 3 Go to page. Go. Next Last. V. Val the Moofia Boss . Jul 2020 8 United States Mar 17, 2021 #1 Besides removing the scythe blade from an agricultural scythe and attaching it to a straight stick/staff in a. Scythes in their intended form can, at a pinch, be used as deadly weapons, as allegedly in the martyrdom of the unfortunate Saints Sidwell, Urith and Walstan by pagan reapers, and whose symbol is a scythe.78 At a more factual level, they are known to have been presented as weapons, if not necessarily wielded, in unplanned stand-offs between various authorities and rural labourers, not least by. Heavy scythe, greataxe. Lighter maneuverable scythe, glaive. Smaller versatile scythe, battleaxe. Beyond that the weapon has no unusual features or abilities. Consider letting them search out some magical scythe later (reskin another of the same weapon) when the other players are starting to get their own magic weapons The Scythe Weapon was an exotic and powerful weapon mounted on the Teljkon Vagabond. The Vagabond had six individual Scythe Weapons which fired from different points on the starship's hull. When the individual beams converged, the resulting interaction was capable of destroying anything at the target location

I want a cool weapon for my Death Knight, but I'm not a fan of 2h swords or maces. I currently have a Telaari Polearm, but it looks rather dated compared to everything else she's wearing. Witch-Hunter Scythe seems cool, but I can't seem to find it on the AH, or anyone who can make it for me (I'm kind of poor). I'm ok with her Tmog, but I think she needs a cool weapon A war scythe is a kind of improvised pole weapon, similar to a fauchard, usually created from standard scythes. The blade of the scythe is transformed so as to extend upright from the pole, thus forming an infantry weapon practical both in offensive actions against infantry and as a defensive measure against enemy cavalry War scythes were used as both a slashing and a stabbing weapon, their weight and aerodynamic shape making them devastating. Capable of cutting through a metal helmet, the weapon is thought to have originated from use as an improvised weapon by peasants, which was then adapted for military use. Arguably worse than the military form, the version wielded by peasants in revolts would often be blunt from use in farming, meaning the victim was likely to survive numerous slashes before. Mʔ, often symbolically referred to as the Scythe, was an ancient weapon designed for the Slayer, embodying their mystical essence. Although the Slayer of any time had rights over it, Sineya , Buffy Summers , and Melaka Fray were the only known owners of the weapon

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Since scythes naturally have a longer range than many other melee weapons, it can keep foes at bay with wide, arcing slashes. Crystal infusion and a full upgrade to +10 results in the Great. A scythe is simply extremely difficult to wield effectively outside of a very narrow range, and is cumbersomely designed as a weapon. the necessary size of the weapon and power of the user would make it excellent at tearing through armor, what with it being a big pointy piece of metal with a shitload of momentum

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The Scythe of Quakes is one of the four Golden Weapons used by the First Spinjitzu Master to create the realm of Ninjago.After forging the island, the weapons were passed onto his sons, Wu and Garmadon, who were to keep them safe.Yet when Garmadon was corrupted and tried to steal the weapons, Wu used the scythe and Shurikens of Ice to fight his brother, eventually condemning him to the Underworld Attack bonus if proficient +2 Weapon dice ([W]) 2d4 Type melee Range Handedness two-handed Proficiency category simple Weapon group Weapon properties Price 5 gp Weight 10 lb. A scythe is a simple two-handed melee weapon in the heavy blade weapon group.[PH:218] Ardents, artificers, avengers, barbarians, bards, battleminds, clerics, druids, fighters, invokers, paladins, psions, rangers. Scythe chooses a weapon to fight Iron Fist. Scythe then invited Rand to choice his weapon for him to use during their duel, only for Rand to insist that he was the weapon, as he was the Iron Fist from K'un-Lun.Commenting on how weapons only had one purpose, to be used by their true master, Scythe chose his first weapon with his Naginata, as he questioned who Iron Fist's master was, to which.

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  1. Since scythe is one of the rarest weapons in roleplaying games, completely scythe-using characters are not very widespread; only several projects provide an opportunity to concentrate on the mastering of the combat skills with this unusual combat tool. Still, most of the MMORPG with Scythe Class provide players with the same range of skills as for other pole weapons. Usually, it's an archetype of agile and powerful heroes, who can attack enemies from a distance; this strategy keeps them away.
  2. Death's Scythe returns in Dawn of Sorrow and retains its status as the most powerful weapon in the game. While it also keeps its dark attribute, it gives an even higher attack power boost, making it more useful than originally. The scythe's design differs from its appearance in Aria of Sorrow, to fit its wooden-metal appearance
  3. Owned by: HuldaReaperJunkersNick BurkhardtKelly Schade-Burkhardt Others: Monroe Purpose: Killing Grimms Location: Trailer Appearances A scythe is normally considered to be a farm implement; like any other tool with a blade, it can be used as a weapon. The scythe is known as the main weapon of the Reapers, as well as being their symbol. 1 Appearances 1.1 Season 1 1.1.1 Pilot 1.1.2.
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  5. Gallery of scythes. From Guild Wars Wiki. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Ancient Scythe (common) Ancient Scythe (rare) Ancient Scythe (uncommon) Anniversary Scythe Sufferer Asuran Scythe. Balthazar's Scythe. Banana Scythe. Bonecage Scythe. Briarwood Scythe. Bronze Scythe. Charr Scythe. Charrslayer Scythe. Clockwork Scythe . Crenellated Scythe. Deldrimor Scythe. Demon Tongue Scythe.

The scythe of vitur is a two-handed slash weapon requiring 75 Attack and Strength to wield, available as a rare drop from the Theatre of Blood.. The scythe can hit up to three enemies simultaneously in a 1x3 arc in front of the player. Each hit can also hit large creatures (a target that takes up two or more game squares) up to three times in the same attack Scythe is a strength based weapon proficiency used when fighting with scythes. As of 1.14, scythes may invoke Decapitation, which will instantly kill an enemy with low HP. +1.5 to hit per level +0.1 damage multiplier per 10 level 1 Types of scythe 2 Trained skill 2.1 Races 2.2 Classes 3 Wishing..

The scythe could be used for piercing or slashing attacks in the same manner as some pole arms, like halberds, but it was not a reach weapon. It took two hands to wield a scythe and some training to use it effectively, so it was classified as a martial weapon. Because the blade was long and slightly curved, it could be used to trip opponents Weapon Group heavy blades Special trip. This scythe has a spring-loaded blade that folds down into the weapon's handle. Opening the scythe blade is a swift action, and closing it again is a standard action. You can use Bluff or Sleight of Hand to treat a closed switchscythe as a hidden weapon; the apparatus can be disguised with 1 minute of work, which grants a +5 bonus on such checks. This. The Scythe is a Melee weapon. It was the third and final form of Death's Scythe and was introduced in the 8.0.0 update. In the 9.0.0 update, however, it was made into an independent weapon. 1 Description 2 Appearance 3 Performance 4 Strategy 4.1 Tips 4.2 Counters 5 Recommended Maps 6 Equipment Setups 7 Changelog 8 Trivia 9 Gallery It is a futuristic, light green and dark gray scythe that. The people who gave their name to the weapon The Scythes . They were nomads in their majority and dwelt in the great steppes of Asia Minor and part of today's Turkey up to the borders of Afghanistan. They were renowned in Antiquity for being great horsemen and warrior and possessed great skills in the working of gold. Magnificent jewelry and weapons have been found in the graves of their.

I think the way scythes are swung is rather awkward, meaning that you can't put as much force into it as you could if you were swinging a simpler weapon like a sword. It seems like scythes are limited to a swinging attack, whereas a blade can be used to stab, swing, or even knock you out with the hilt Scythe of the Blight (9 Purple): Remove all Red Gems. Deal [Magic + 5] damage to an Enemy, boosted by Gems removed. If the Enemy is from Blighted Lands, deal double damage. [3:1

Weapon Stats. Skills: Miscellaneous items > Scythe; Strength: 0.45 (Similar to the two handed sword) Attack Speed: 5 seconds (4 in aggressive mode) Damage Type: Cutting; Parry Rate: Rate uncertain, but capable of parrying. Wielding: Two-hander (can't use a shield with it) Notes. Can be used to chop trees/bushes to skill the weapon up to 20. Title Huge scythe with strange shape, has very high requirements on users. But if you can master the skill of using this weapon, its terrible appearance will also become a lethal weapon in the eyes of enemies. Rarity ★ ATK CRT; 38: 6: Scythe. Huge scythe with strange shape, has very high requirements on users. But if you can master the skill of using this weapon, its terrible appearance will also. The Scythe is a tool used to cut grass, weeds, and young trees, and is also required for harvesting certain crops (i.e., Amaranth, Kale, Wheat).It is in inventory at the start of the game. If the player has a Silo, cutting each plot of Grass growing on the Farm gives a 50% chance of adding a piece of hay to the silo.. A Scythe may be used as a weapon to inflict a small amount of damage The scythe is a basic ninja weapon used in Ninjago. A scythe is a long stick with a blade sticking out of the side of the stick to use to slice things and is one of the greatest ninja weapons that can also be used in melee battles. The scythe also comes in different versions in the TV show and the sets. Cole initially specialized in the use of Scythes, including the Scythe of Quakes, but he.

Sickle and Scythe training is an advanced weapon study taught at Imperial Combat Arts in Denver CO. These weapons were often farming tools used by peasants for self defense and at times in warfare with large groups of peasant infantry. Evolving from these improvised weapons is a class of Combat Sickles and War Scythes that were crafted of weapon grade steel and designed strictly for use on the. The Anime Scythe is a Specialweapon introduced in the 13.3.0 update. 1 Description 2 Appearance 3 Performance 4 Strategy 4.1 Tips 4.2 Counters 5 Skins 6 Recommended Maps 7 Equipment Setups 8 Changelog 9 Trivia It is a large, crimson colored scythe that emits red waves that can damage a player from a certain range. This weapon has high damage, decent mobility, slightly slow firing rate and a. War scythe name generator . This name generator will give you 10 names that fit weapons like the war scythe and war sickle. The scythe is a farm tool of course, but it has been used as a weapon during farmer's uprisings for example, and it's the infamous weapon of the Grim Reaper and similar creatures

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We have giant birds and gargoyles and even an octopus staff but the scythe is one you can't wrap your head around? lol Okay. Edited by Radiance on March 25, 2021 12:17A There were also War Scythes and similar weapons used in the 19th century and the Grim Reaper himself is often illustrated using a Scythe as well. In video games there are a few characters using a Scythe as well as a weapon, like Death from the Castlevania games or Zasalamel and his evil counter-part Abyss from the SoulCalibur games. Akechi Mitsuhide from the Sengoku Basara games uses two. However, scythes were a common weapon of peasants/serfs/etc. that were used in uprisings by them or as a defensive weapon against outsiders. Part of the reason these were used by peasants and such is that it was often one of the few implements owned by them that would serve such a purpose, swords, armor, etc. being quite expensive You're right that scythes were never really used as weapons, but you aren't the first person to ask about this. In the 16th century, when he was in his 20s, notorious bon vivant and city treasurer to the imperial city of Augsburg Paulus Hector M.. Scythe. This weapon is inspired by the common farming implement used to cut swaths of grown hay, but it has a straight handle and a heavier blade. Despite its humble origins, the scythe is recognized as a symbol of death in many cultures because of its use in reaping

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The Scythe is a melee weapon that could only be obtained as the Halloween Scythe during the Halloween event of 10/31/20 to 11/14/20. 1 Overview 2 Appearance 3 Advantages 4 Disadvantages 5 Skins 6 Trivia 7 Gallery (As of now, the Scythe shares the same stats as the Hammer) The Scythe is a slow.. Scythe is a Weapon in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. Halberd with a large blade. Scythe adjusted for battle. Designed especially for slicing. However, one false swing leaves one wide open. How to Get / Where to Find the Scythe. Found at the bottom of Sen's Fortress, behind the Titanite Demon in the small room. Video Location Timestamp 1:5

Scythes. Scythes are tools with long chines and snaths. Originally used for farming, it has been also been portrayed as a lethal weapon due to its ability to cut with ease and at a long-range As far as the scythes being a weapon type, that is just another thing they messed up with this game. I mean, the Furies in the desert actually have crossbows, but the hero cannot obtain a crossbow of any shape or form. Needless to say that I believe they've rushed the game into production a little bit too soon and had to make some cuts from it. For instance, the whole being able to sell/trade. The Warscythe has served as a traditional weapon of the Necron nobility and their elite bodyguards for many thousands of Terran years. A Warscythe is made from the same living metal as that which makes up all Necron bodies and vehicles, Necrodermis , and is fitted with a Phase Blade, whose edge is out of phase with the normal space-time continuum and thus can slip effortlessly through even the heaviest forms of armour Scythes (sickles, really) looking stupid as weapons is entirely adequate to the very idea of using them as such. Even the Kama, one of the signature weapons of a ninja, is a farming implement first, a weapon at a distant second, and a weapon at all solely by the virtue of being inconspicuous despite it's blade

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Each Grim Reaper uses a Death Scythe as his primary weapon, showing great skill and proficiency in wielding it. Appearance Grim Reaper Scythe's are noted to be large and decorated with various accessories linked to death such as skulls and monster hands placed on them Scythe Magic (大鎌魔法 Daikama Mahō) is a form of Holder Magic that involves the unorthodox weapon known as a Scythe. Because of the obscurity of scythes, it's generally rather rare to see an individual use this form of magic. It generally relies on the control of the user's magical power, as well as the scythe they are using But you may have to act fast as this top scythe weapon is set to become one of the most sought-after best-sellers in no time. Think how jealous you're friends will be when you tell them you got your scythe weapon on AliExpress. With the lowest prices online, cheap shipping rates and local collection options, you can make an even bigger saving The scythe is a short-ranged medium weapon that only performs left-to-right swings. It can knock a player down in four hits. Contrary to popular belief, it does have a chance to slice off arms War Scythe is a type of weapon that had its origin hailed from YGGDRASIL. 1 Description 2 Appearance 3 Abilities 4 Trivia 5 References A God-kin by the name of Zesshi Zetsumei is an owner and wielder of this weapon type.1 What sets the form and shape of the War Scythe apart is its respective..

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Scythes are decent weapons when used in Warframe and they offer both good damage and range when used Ingame and become very strong when modded. Depending on the builds, we can take these good weapons and make them greater, and nothing is better than using a weapon that suits your style and performs effectively Dual Scythes Generate: 12 Essence per enemy hit Slash with two summoned Scythes in front of you, dealing 150% 300% weapon damage as Physical both Ice and Poison, and push enemies together. You generate 24 Essence, and spend 0.5% of your Life per attack. Passive: You can equip 2 weapons. - Trag'Oul's Corroded Fang The Cursed Scythe rune for Grim Scythe gains the effect of the Cursed. Though nominally a Scythe, the chosen weapon of Amalgamous Prime is just as unpredictable as its bearer, ever-changing and taking on other forms and states of matter, from solid to liquid and back again.. Fiction The Covenant of Primus. Amalgamous wielded the Scythe during the Thirteen's war with Unicron. The Covenant of Primus. Notes. The weapon known as the Scythe being able to take on any.

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Conclave:Reaper Prime. Reaping Spiral. S. Shadow Harvest. Spearmint Scythe. Stalking Fan. T. Thanatos Scythe Skin. Retrieved from https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Scythe?oldid=1865948 scythes aren't weapons they're farming equipment this i hate how weeaboo edgelords romanticize the s*** out of it it just looks stupid and cringy i'm glad it's just a glamour and not a fighting style User Info: Astroshak. Astroshak 3 years ago #7. Anything can be improvised as a weapon. Scythes and pitchforks are both farm tools that make decent improvised weapons. User Info: Exiled.

Death Scythe is a weapon that literally throws a scythe and attacks. This weapon has the most powerful attack power in the game. Also, Death Scythe has a special ability to knock back enemies that have been attacked. However, Instead of having these good abilities, it has the lowest attack speed in the game The Vassal Scythe is one of the eight Vassal Weapons from Glass' World. The person who possesses the weapon is called the Scythe Hero. The current Scythe Hero is L'Arc Berg Sickle. Overview. The Vassal Scythe was first seen in the possession of L'Arc Berg Sickle who is a king and Vassal Hero of his world. He has apparently had the Vassal Scythe for a relatively long time The Scythe is the empire specific fighter (ESF) of the Vanu Sovereignty. Vanu technology gives the Scythe unusual handling; it does not drift while cornering, falls at half the usual rate while hovering, and can decelerate rapidly without turning. The Scythe's horizontal profile is very thin. This makes it a strong face to face dogfighter, and, in combination with its handling characteristics allows it to fly comfortably through buildings and forests A weapon based on the scythe wielded by Hidan, a member of Akatsuki. It was built for creating outer wounds on its targets, and its three blades can cover a wide range.The Giant Scythe is one of the Weapons available to use in Shinobi Striker, exclusive to the Defense Class. Like the long swords, the user slings this weapon over their right shoulder. The base heavy attack is a vertically.

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A scythe weapons pack consists of 5 different scythes varying from large to smal His choice of a scythe as his main weapon just reinforces the image. In fact he's so obsessed with strength, that he was happy to sacrifice his mind in exchange for more power after joining Oración Seis. That's some resolve! 9. Shinoa Hiiragi. Anime: Seraph of the End. Don't let yourself be fooled by Shinoa's cute-as-a-button exterior. This is a soldier with a champion's ability.

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The Scythe is likely the first laser weapon Helldivers will unlock (not counting the LAS-13 Trident) and is the laser equivalent of the AR-19 Liberator, acting as an introduction to laser weaponry. The Scythe handles very differently compared to ballistic weapons; it has perfect accuracy, deals continuous damage to whatever its beam hits, and it has a much slower turning speed while firing. Once fully upgraded, the Scythe fulfills the same role as the Liberator with slightly. Dec 4, 2020 - Explore Jewell Swafford's board Character Weapons Scythe on Pinterest. See more ideas about weapons, anime weapons, weapon concept art Main Attacks: Spin once, uppercut. Damage 2CHARGED: Bring the scythe down upon your opponent, Damage 3, if it goes over the opponent do extra damage 1 when brought back.SPECIAL: Very quick diagonal upper left then down slash, Damage 4COST IN SHOP: 3600This weapon is made for execution, as seen by the name. The cost is 3600 because of it's ability The Frozen Scythe is a Rare Sword in the IceVIII Collection. Its ability has an Intelligence Scaling of 0.3, increasing its damage drastically. When its ability, Ice Bolt, is used, a bolt of ice will be launched towards where the player is looking at with a trajectory of a straight line, harming every mob near the flying projectile (about 0.5 block radius). This weapon is often used in Mage.

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